Philosophy of Education

All people learn. We learn from each other in face to face meetings and in online spaces. The world is the classroom and as a lead learner it is my job to be a motivator, a believer, and a learner. The only constant in life is change and I need to help others learn how to best deal with that change. I need to model positive online interactions effective, efficient, and ethical digital citizenship. I need to model collaboration, 3PBL Passion, Project, Problem based learning, and learning how to learn with people across the world.

Teachers need to be able to differentiate instruction, provide quality lessons, and allow for student choice in matters of research and assessment. A teacher needs to be able to handle challenging students and to challenge students all at the same time. No one knows what the world will be like when our students graduate from high school or college so teachers need to make sure that they keep up with changes in technology as well as changes in the workforce. This means that a teacher needs to become accustomed to change and not get set in their ways. Being flexible and adaptable must be a part of a teachers repertoire, because students will need to learn these same skills.

Being a teacher is so much more involved than just the physical act of teaching. Being a teacher means being involved as a learner. Being a teacher means being a life-long learner and a curious soul. We need to serve as models for our students and if a teacher is not continually learning and adapting then they cannot expect the students to just acquire those skills.

Teaching is a lifestyle. When I became a teacher I wanted to have an impact on kids lives, I wanted them to love history as much as I did. After 14 years of teaching I have learned that I can be an expert in history but that isn’t going to make my students love history. I now want my students to love learning and be able to select proper ways to locate the information they need when they want to know it. Kids will see that I am passionate and knowledgeable about my content area and some may come to enjoy that content as well, but the best benefit of all is that they will become curious learners who will also become passionate about what they do.

I want to be a teacher so badly that I feel separated from a part of myself. I want to teach so that I can fulfill my destiny. I want to teach so that I can live my life fully and happily. All it will take for me to teach is for one, just one administrator to have faith in me and truly want what is best for the students in his or her district or school.


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