Personal Learning Network

My PLN consists of the people that I learn most from. Most of them are people who I consider to be superstars in the areas of educational technology, teaching and pedagogy, educational technology research, web 2.0 experts, social media pros, project based learning, authentic assessment, the social sciences, and a few people who like to “rock  the boat,” so to speak. I think it is necessary to have a good blend of people in a PLN because I don’t want to get overly excited by one idea or style one week only to have that excitement wain because someone else made me think a little deeper about a particular idea or style. I make sure that I check in with everyone in my PLN at least every other week and I try to share ideas, pedagogy, or research that might be of benefit to them. Personal learning networks are an important part of living in an always on digital online world.

Follow the link to view the composition of my PLN


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