This Blog will represent my reflections on current topics in education, technology, and secondary social studies. My interests include; Pedagogy (especially constructivism and connectivism), Heutagogy, Educational Technology, Open Educational Resources (OERs), 21st Century Skills, Digital Literacies, Web Literacies, Social Media Literacies, Professional Development, Leadership, Peer to Peer Learning, Badges, 20% Time (or genius hour), The Learning Genome, The Flat Classroom Project, and Gamification. I will also use this site to keep track of upcoming and current events related to the process of earning my EdD through WikiQuals. My voyage will be original and non-traditional. My plan is to co-create a learning plan, research, teach online, present at conferences and conventions, and write a dissertation that takes into consideration the ideas of affinity partners, emergent learning, connectivism, peeragogy, flat classroom, badges, and Open Educational Resources.

My background includes fourteen years of teaching eighth grade U.S. History. Within my fourteen years of teaching I taught three years of ninth grade U.S. History, three years of seventh grade introduction to the social sciences, two years of eleventh grade world studies, and a semester of eleventh and twelfth grade psychology. I have had an affinity for gadgets and using technology in education ever since I got my first computer in 1987. When I began teaching in 1995, I was constantly reinventing my curriculum based upon new technologies.

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