Last month I took a bold step in my life. I joined two of my education heroes Joe Mazza and Nicholas Perazanno and got inked. My semicolon tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of how damaging my depression had been, that it is always with me, and that others; parents, students, and colleagues may be going through what I went through in the past eight years.

 Two causes I firmly stand behind, #prolife & #SemicolonEDU The first is rather self explanatory, the second is an actual tattoo (which I thought I would NEVER do) of a semicolon. Semicolons are used by authors when they could choose to end a story bu

Our health is important, but oftentimes people are dismissive of or downright ignorant of mental health issues. When people found out about me having problems with anxiety and depression, they usually responded in one of three ways, they empathazie and share their own story, they are empathetic but don’t know what they should do, or they shrug and blow me off as lazy and possibly require too much maintenance to be worth building a relationship with.

The thing is nobody wants depression. I wish every day that I could be cured and life would go back to the way it was before anxiety and depression entered my life. Unfortunately, depression cannot be cured. I am fortunate though that medication has helped as well as doing something I am passionate about, teaching and learning at a Catholic high school.

Depression can make life really suck. When I learned about #SemicolonEDU I knew that I had to become involved. My advice to others dealing with depression or anxiety is to see a doctor and get the proper medication. Also, make sure that you do some research about how depression works. For those living with someone who struggles with depression or anxiety, be patient! Don’t think that they are just being lazy if they can’t get out much. Always love that person and know that they are trying to deal with mental health as best they can. Love can conquer all.


2 comments on “SemicolonEDU

  1. “Love can conquer all.” And your love for others is part of that love you speak of. Keep giving it out, and it will come back in various forms. Thank you for posting, Tim! Keep sharing with the world, and we’ll all keep learning from you!

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