FAIL on red.

CC Chris Griffith

Well, I didn’t make it through the 30 days blogging challenge 8-( I failed. How can I as a teacher fail at something as simple as writing and reflecting each day. I do reflect upon every single day, but why not put those thoughts down on paper or in a blog post? I really thought that I could keep up with the blogging, but I am a teacher/learner. My first priority are my kids. My own kids, my classroom kids, my robotics kids, my music kids, and my art kids. My kids are involved in a lot of things which means attending a lot of functions/games/matches/……..

The following tweet from Dr. Justin Tarte has me really thinking about mastery this week.

Do we as teachers, administrators, or anyone involved in education really want kids to master content? What is it that we want them to master? I know a teacher (in another district) who sent out three or four copies of something before I finally had the real FINAL changes/additions on it. If we do things like this as teachers and leaders, then why do many not do as Dr. Tarte states above?

I will keep blogging even though I FAILED at the @teachthought September #reflectiveteacher challenge.

Any thoughts?



2 comments on “FAILED

  1. I never thought about this myself until reading Repair Kit for Grading by Ken O’Connor. I had always done the averaging because it was what was always done for me. The idea that stuck with me most from the book was that the average didn’t show the most accurate picture of the student’s knowledge, while replacing the grade does show a more accurate picture of student knowledge.

    As for the RT 30 day challenge, I hadn’t seen it at the beginning of the month so I decided to do it in Oct. This has given me the advantage of working on questions whenever I get the time and scheduling them for the appropriate day. I have no question that had I tried to do it each day in Sept that I too would have failed. We as teachers just have so much to do. Add in being a parent and any other commitments and even answering one question a day can be too much extra to do. As it is I’m already struggling to answer questions, some of them require more thinking than I often have time for. I’d say keep answering the questions whenever you have time. I know I’d love to see your answers.

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