Digital Overload: Have I Reached My Potential?

I am a digital leader and a teacher or lead learner and I need help finding my niche in the educational universe. I feel overwhelmed by information. This coming fall, I will begin teaching full-time again after a five year hiatus. I can use and share any web 2.0 tool because I’m not afraid to take risks, try them out, and learn how to use them in the classroom. I skim through A LOT of information on a daily basis. My twitter feed is constantly notifying me of updates, I check Feedly every morning as I enjoy my cup-o-Joe. I re-tweet things that sound interesting and favorite things that are neat, cute, or should be followed up on later. I have IFTTT shunting information around from various accounts to various repositories (Diigo, Pocket, and Evernote) with the idea that I will follow up on it later. The thing about all of this is that I am never able to get around to revisiting my “saved for later” materials.

Left Unchecked and Floundering check_mark_green* Public Domain

With that being said, I rarely get around to checking Facebook, Google+, my Scoop.It information,, Pinterest, Rebel Mouse, Tumbler, Zite, Flipboard, reddit, Goodreads, or various podcasts. See, I know how to use all the tools, but I just do not know how to manage it all. I don’t know how the #EduRockStars out there manage all of their incoming digital media sources. This may be exactly why many teachers and administrators are fearful of getting involved with social media. It can definitely be stressful and a bit daunting.

A couple of nights ago I was involved in one of the regular weekly edchats and I remember stating to my colleagues that I have given up things that I used to enjoy doing like fly tying or working with medieval miniatures, to engage in educational research via social media. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love learning, it is my passion, but I am beginning to wonder if we can succumb to a passion too much? Am I trying to do too much in the limited time that I have, or do I simply need to have someone teach me how to manage it all? I really hope that someone can offer to teach me how to become a better manager of my social media information work flow and maximize my learning potential.

21st Century Pedagogy

All of this pales in comparison to trying to understand 21st Century pedagogy. Here are a few things that I know about and want to implement in my new teaching role:

     1. Standards Based Learning/Grading
     2. 3PIBL (Project, Passion, Problem, Inquiry Based Learning) – Thanks @SKwikkel for the 3PBL
         idea, I modified it though.
     3. Gamification
     4. Game Based Learning
     5. Personalized Learning
     6. Portfolios
     7. The Maker Movement
     8. Coding
     9. Minecraft EDU
     10. Digital Citizenship

When I started to write this, I had no idea that I would be coming up with one of those “ten lists” that come up in various blog posts throughout the year. This has put an idea into my mind about the possibility of blogging about my understanding and resources for each topic over the course of this summer. Will this year be perfect? Yes and No. Yes it will be perfect because I get to spend my days touching the future, but no it will not be perfect because I do not have a firm grasp on the pedagogy. I know going in that I will struggle, and even (gasp) fail at something. After all I cannot do everything and I am far from perfect. I guess that the best I can do is model perseverance, model my thought processes on learning, and try to have as many meaningful/authentic experiences for my students as possible.

I don’t even want to get started on listing all the books on my summer reading list. They are all, with the exception of one, based on content, pedagogy, or leadership. My reading of science fiction and fantasy went out the door last year when I never completed the list and pile of books I accumulated for my summer PD reading.

Where is the Pedagogy?

I joined a book chat a couple weeks ago centered around Eric Sheninger’s (@NMHS_Principal) book Digital Leadership which is awesome, but I became confused by the following diagram:

21st Century Pedagogiesby-sa_2.5_80x15
What exactly is the 21st Century Pedagogy or is it the information I listed in one through ten in the above section? And, do learning experiences need to include all of these ideas EVERY day? I have many more questions than answers. I am reaching out to my PLN. If you have any answers please, please reach out and offer your advice.


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