Can You See Me On Your Team?

resumeI have been scouring the Midwest for social studies positions for about a year and a half. I have sent out well over 200 resumes and applications and have had over a dozen interviews. The interview process and the reasons administrators give for not offering a job range anywhere from pre-canned E-mail responses to ridiculous qualities that I could never compete with. Quite honestly, I am fed up with the entire application and interview process. I am at the point where Justin Tarte was last summer when he wrote this post, Read My Blog, Not My Resume. I will however add a question to the mix, can you see me on your team?

Let’s assume that I am seeking to work for a particular school district and/or administrator. Let’s further assume that since I have 15-16 years of teaching experience that I pretty much know the kind of people I would like to work for and I know my abilities and limitations. I always do my homework by investigating the districts and administrators BEFORE I even fill out an application and submit the requisite resume. I have already determined that the district (including student demographics) and the administrion would be a “good fit” for me. I mean why would I go through the laborious time consuming process of filling out an application, answering screening questions, and tweaking my resume and letter for a position I would not want, working for people I would not like, somewhere I don’t want to be, and doing something I might not be able to handle?

I am not a wet behind the ears greenhorn just looking for that first job so I can get my foot in the door of education. I mean, come on folks, I’ve been in the game for quite a while and I have continued learning, changing, and adapting to the ebbs and flows of our profession. If you can’t learn, change, and adapt, you cannot be a teacher in today’s connected world.

Anyone can look good on paper and possibly smooth talk their way through an interview, but what is that person’s digital footprint look like? What have they been doing currently to advance the profession and student learning? Do they actually engage with people on a national or international level? It is imperative in today’s world to establish a professional learning network and a robust transparent digital presence. The online presence of a person shows, in a very open and vulnerable way what is important to that person.

Go ahead and Google your name to see where your digital footprint leads. Better yet Google the name Timothy Scholze and check out my digital footprint. I am proud of what I have out there in cyberspace because I take the risk to stand behind what I put online. Take a look at what I have to offer and then ask yourself, can you see me on your team? 


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