I Am A Teacher

Inspired by Nicholas Provenzano’s (@thenerdyteacher) recent post I am Not the Enemy

My life is teaching, I can do nothing about where my passion lies. I need to teach.

My life is not complete if I am not teaching. A restless soul searching for a home. I need to teach.

I do what I say and say what I do. There’s no lip service to the term life-long learner for me. I need to teach.

Students, curious, exploring, designing, learning. I need to teach.

A home away from home, a community within a community, loving, caring, sharing, supporting. I need to teach.

Technology, pitfalls, literacies, safety, digital footprints, social media gone awry. I need to teach.

Being there when students need me most. Helping, crying, sharing life’s journey. I need to teach.

Messy, organized chaos, projects, follow your passion, everyone of you matter. I need to teach.

Modeling compassion and fortitude. Staying focused and not giving up. I need to teach.

Meeting challenges and welcoming each new day’s opportunities. I need to teach.

Teaching is learning and learning is teaching. There is so much I need to learn. I need to teach.

Laughter and joy. Wonder and awe. Beauty and majesty. Making meaning from all. I need to teach.

Questions. More questions. Discovery and failure. A glimmer of hope for all. I need to teach.

A teacher’s job is unending it’s a calling from above. It’s life changing and important your work is never done. I need to teach.

My heart and soul yearns for a classroom and students, colleagues and administrators, meetings and collaboration. I need to teach.

I am unique. I am a teacher. Reach out in support and give me a chance to do what I was called to do. I need to teach.

I need to teach, it is my very life and soul.


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