Today I have the honor of interviewing with Mrs. Jennifer Purvis for a Social Studies teaching and football coaching job at North Moore High School. Technology don’t fail me now 🙂 Skype is the medium we will be using for today’s interview. Wish me luck! 8Mustangs-)

The interview went very well! Mrs. Purvis is delightful to talk with and assistant principal Mrs. Carla Neal is very supportive. I hope that they saw that my family and I can bring a lot more to North Moore than just a teacher. I truly hope that they got a sense that we would be involved in every way possible with the school community within and outside of the school day. I hope that my passion for helping kids achieve their goals came through clearly. I also hope that they saw me as someone they could call on whenever they need any help.

Education is one of the highest callings that there is and being a teacher means much more than closing the classroom door, lecturing, reading, and filling out worksheets. Education is about community. Teachers are community builders and what they do and say can have lasting consequences. I take my role as teacher, facilitator, and coach seriously. To me teaching is not a job it is a life. Teaching is my life, my passion, my calling, my love.

There is so much to learn, so much to do, and so much to experience. Passing on this excitement for life and learning is what a teacher need to be able to do. No book and pencil test is going to do that for many students. A teacher must, absolutly must model the excitement and joy of life. It was truly a blessing to speak with Mrs. Purvis and Mrs. Neal this morning. I hope that they will think of me often when they think about filling their open social studies job. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers (hopefully my next post will be titled, look out North Carolina here we come)!


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