I Am A Teacher

Inspired by Nicholas Provenzano’s (@thenerdyteacher) recent post I am Not the Enemy

My life is teaching, I can do nothing about where my passion lies. I need to teach.

My life is not complete if I am not teaching. A restless soul searching for a home. I need to teach.

I do what I say and say what I do. There’s no lip service to the term life-long learner for me. I need to teach.

Students, curious, exploring, designing, learning. I need to teach.

A home away from home, a community within a community, loving, caring, sharing, supporting. I need to teach.

Technology, pitfalls, literacies, safety, digital footprints, social media gone awry. I need to teach.

Being there when students need me most. Helping, crying, sharing life’s journey. I need to teach.

Messy, organized chaos, projects, follow your passion, everyone of you matter. I need to teach.

Modeling compassion and fortitude. Staying focused and not giving up. I need to teach.

Meeting challenges and welcoming each new day’s opportunities. I need to teach.

Teaching is learning and learning is teaching. There is so much I need to learn. I need to teach.

Laughter and joy. Wonder and awe. Beauty and majesty. Making meaning from all. I need to teach.

Questions. More questions. Discovery and failure. A glimmer of hope for all. I need to teach.

A teacher’s job is unending it’s a calling from above. It’s life changing and important your work is never done. I need to teach.

My heart and soul yearns for a classroom and students, colleagues and administrators, meetings and collaboration. I need to teach.

I am unique. I am a teacher. Reach out in support and give me a chance to do what I was called to do. I need to teach.

I need to teach, it is my very life and soul.


Education in North Carolina: Growing to Greatness

It was reported in a recent article of the News-Record.com that education in North Carolina has been lagging the rest of the country Op-Ed: Broken schools or broken reform? As reported, North Carolina ranks 46th in the nation in teacher salaries, 51st in income advancement over the past moneytreedecade, and 48th in per pupil spending. With these abysmal figures hot off the press what in the world would drive a person to actually want a teaching job in North Carolina?

Teaching has never been a get rich scheme, and people know this going into the field of education. Teachers are people who love kids, enjoy the quest for knowledge, and share the interesting things that they find. Teachers are also curious, imaginative, caring, and always trying to find the best ways for each student to learn. Teaching is a calling in that you have to truly believe that what you are teaching and who you are teaching matters.

North Carolina is so very fortunate to have some of the biggest stars in education working to help all students and teachers succeed. The following list is not all-inclusive and I know I have probably left out some very important people. I outer space shooting starput together this list based upon a simple twitter search of people I follow. I was seeing North Carolina pop up quite a bit and I started keeping track. Of any state in the union the most people I follow are from NC. This was not intentional and I began to notice the magnitude of teachers from North Carolina, after I applied for and interviewed for a high school social studies job at North Moore High School near Robbins, North Carolina.

For me a teaching job in North Carolina would mean not only the ability to teach but to also collaborate with some of the best teachers in the world. There are awesome things going on in education all over the state. Even though statistics show that teachers aren’t worth much in North Carolina, the statistics seem to hide the true value that lies within the teachers of the state of North Carolina. I hope that by the end of the week I will be able to count myself among these hidden gems of the Tar Heel state.

20 HIDDEN GEMSNCed blog title

North Carolina has some true hidden gems among the ranks of teacher leaders. This is true success through involvement.

Jeff Carpenter         @doccarpenter                     Elon University                                                       Durham, NC

Dr. David Stegall     @davidstegall                      Newton-Conover City Schools

Cindy Geddes          @cindygeddes                       Newton-Conover City Schools

Heather Mullins       @Carolinablondie              NC Department of Public Instruction                Hickory, NC

Jayme Linton           @jaymelinton                       Lenoir-Rhyne Univ.

Jennifer LaGarde   @jenniferlagarde                New Hanover Schools and NC Dept. of Public Instruct

Andrew Thomasson @thomasson_engl          Forestview High School                                       Gastonia, NC

Jill Thompson          @Edu_Thompson              Adjunct Prof, CEO of Edulum

Steven Anderson    @web20classroom             Educator, Speaker, Blogger                     Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Aaron Spence   @MCSDrSpence                 Superintendent Moore County               Southern Pines, NC

Austin C. Parker 8  @theone_AP                                                                                                          north c-ville

Robert Breyer ‏         @rbreyer51                           H.S. Assistant Principal                             Moore County, NC

Craig Smith              @CSmithGoBlue                 HS Assistant Principal                 Huntersville/Gastonia, NC

Dr. Reida Roberts   @ReidaJane                       Elem. Principal                                            Bladen County, NC

Dr. Cathy Davidson @CathyNDavidson          Duke                                                                           Durham, NC

Barbara Blackburn @BarbBlackburn              Keynote Speaker, Author, & Consultant

Bill Ferriter               @plugusin                            classroom teacher, author                                      Raleigh, NC

Timothy Gwynn       @tgwynn                              Tech Facilitator                                                      Charlotte, NC

David Warlick          @dwarlick                             30+ year educator, author                                      Raleigh, NC

Nancy Mangum       @nmangum                           Instructional Technologist                                     Raleigh, NC


Today I have the honor of interviewing with Mrs. Jennifer Purvis for a Social Studies teaching and football coaching job at North Moore High School. Technology don’t fail me now 🙂 Skype is the medium we will be using for today’s interview. Wish me luck! 8Mustangs-)

The interview went very well! Mrs. Purvis is delightful to talk with and assistant principal Mrs. Carla Neal is very supportive. I hope that they saw that my family and I can bring a lot more to North Moore than just a teacher. I truly hope that they got a sense that we would be involved in every way possible with the school community within and outside of the school day. I hope that my passion for helping kids achieve their goals came through clearly. I also hope that they saw me as someone they could call on whenever they need any help.

Education is one of the highest callings that there is and being a teacher means much more than closing the classroom door, lecturing, reading, and filling out worksheets. Education is about community. Teachers are community builders and what they do and say can have lasting consequences. I take my role as teacher, facilitator, and coach seriously. To me teaching is not a job it is a life. Teaching is my life, my passion, my calling, my love.

There is so much to learn, so much to do, and so much to experience. Passing on this excitement for life and learning is what a teacher need to be able to do. No book and pencil test is going to do that for many students. A teacher must, absolutly must model the excitement and joy of life. It was truly a blessing to speak with Mrs. Purvis and Mrs. Neal this morning. I hope that they will think of me often when they think about filling their open social studies job. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers (hopefully my next post will be titled, look out North Carolina here we come)!