Stories – Using a New Technology to Tell My Story

The past couple weeks #etMOOC has been focusing on storytelling. While that was going on, I was focusing on my instructional design for eLearning course that I am taking from UW-Stout toward earning a graduate certificate. I highly doubt that the certificate will help me get a job but the course is haiku deckkeeping me occupied. I have spent the past week trying to get the other students and the instructor to understand connectivism and rhizomatic learning. The e-learning course tries to be student centered but it really is not. It centers around a textbook, other readings selected by the instructor, there is a syllabus and an outcome map. Kind of the antithesis of what we are trying to accomplish in relation to 21st Century learning.

In the spirit of the #etMOOC, I humbly submit my story via Haiku Deck.


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