#etMOOCs Official

I’m Tim Scholze and this is my very first MOOC. I have been involved in social media on a regular basis for about three months now. I have, however, taken online courses from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. I have a graduate certificate in instructional design and I begin the third in a five course sequence for a graduate certificate in eLearning in a couple weeks.

I taught eighth grade U.S. history for fourteen years with some seventh grade introduction to the social sciences, freshman U.S. history, sophomore world studies, and junior/senior psychology thrown in for good measure. I left my secure education career three years ago for three reasons; 1) My wife had taken time off to raise our children and now wanted to get back in to education and I felt it was my obligation to move wherever she got hired (after all, I have a Masters degree in education I can get a job doing anything, right)? 2) My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I wanted to be closer and be able to help. Turns out that my mom and dad really don’t care how close or how far away I am from them they tend to depend on themselves and each other. 3) Administrative hidden agendas. I do not want to say much more than I was not fully informed.

I am married and have four wonderfully precocious children aged 13, 9, 7, and 5 (all verbal linguistic). My primary interest is education, but I also enjoy traveling, attending conferences, and geocaching. I am beginning a journey toward an EdD in Educational Technology. I am particularly interested in emergent learning, peeragogy, connectivism, teacher professional development, flat classroom, badges, and Open Educational Resources.

I love technology. I love education. I love research. Yes, I am a geek.


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